What is Brazilian Waxing?


There are different types of waxing on the skin to get of hair. Some want hair off their arms, their legs, their back, or everywhere, and they rather not go to the razor due to the risk of cuts and rapid hair growth after it’s shaved. A popular form of waxing is the all-over wax, or the Brazilian wax. It is also called the Hollywood wax, but the basis of this type started on the East coast.


Who Came Up With This?


As the name suggests, it is a Brazilian-based concept of hair removal, but not in the way people think. The Brazilian wax was introduced in New York bys even Brazilian-born sisters, the Padilha sisters, or J-sisters, as their first names all started with J. In their salon, they offered their invented technique they had developed over time, based on the fact that some women had plenty of unwanted pubic hair. It soon became a hit and female celebrities in New York came to have this treatment done.


The Brazilian wax remains a popular hair removal method in the United States and is now big with men. Instead of shaving it or applying hair removal cream, men have decided to groom their pubic hair the same way women do. Even with some questions on pain and health of this procedure, people still get it done today.


How Does It Work?


The main different between a Brazilian wax and a bikini wax is that the former removes hair in both the front and back side plus any hair standing between both areas. The entire hip and groin region will be hairless and clean. The waxed will lie naked from the waist below on a bed or table in a room with the waxer. Waxers will have gloves on and apply a new wooden stick to each dose of wax placed on the area. The process starts up front, the area that is the most trickiest and hairiest, and moves to the back, where it hurts much less.


On a step-by-step basis, the first thing a waxer does is sprinkle talcum powder on the skin because it helps keep any hot wax from sticking on. Next, the waxer will put a wooden wax stick inside a bowl of hot wax and spread it over the skin and hair where the hair growth is growing. Then, a cloth or paper strip will be pressed upon the warm wax for the hair to completely stick on. After a minute or two, the wax will have cooled off for the waxer to rip the strip off in the hair growth’s other direction. This will remove the hair at its root.


This will continue until all the hair is removed or the desired section of hair is removed; some want the “landing strip,” a section of hair left in the squared on the front. Lotion will be placed on the area to soother any pain.


Even as people try to do it on themselves (with little success), the procedure is booked and re-booked, as hair does grow back, but slower and thinner. It is recommended to be redone after 6-8 weeks from the first procedure, killing the hair root more. The Brazilian wax is about style and keeping “it” clean there when wearing sexy underwear, bikinis, or just walking comfortably clothed without that concern.