Bridal Hairstyles

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You deserve to look and feel amazing on this day and we can help you with our tips on bridal hairstyles, from the elegant to the understated, the classic and the alternative. We also have new up and coming trends for 2017, making sure you look perfect on your perfect day.

Natural Green Goddess

One of the big trends for 2017 is a chic bohemian look, involving greenery. This is perfect if you’re going for a laid-back festival-like wedding. A great way to achieve this look is with long flowing braids, interwoven with your favourite flowers. They to this style is making sure your hair looks intentionally ‘undone’. Think of ‘I woke up like this’ hair mixed with hippie-chic flowers and greenery.


Elegant Up-dos

For a classical, simple elegance, you can’t go wrong with a low chignon bun. Making sure your hair is all smoothed out, it is twisted into a low bun which can be fixed in a variety of ways. This look is great for featuring accessories in your hair such as a sparkly barrette or tiara. If you want a classic princess feel on your wedding day then this is the style for you.


Voluminous Waves

This is a hot trend for 2017 – big curls combined with an up-do. This look is great if you want statement hair to go with a simple dress. The trick to this look is to create large, loose waves and use volume booster at the roots to create the illusion of more hair. Another way this style can be managed is by half pinning some of the hair to lift it away from the scalp. The main point for this hairstyle is to create the look of crazy curls and massive volume.


Half down, half up

This style is excellent for those who prefer an understated look – perhaps those who want their dress, not their hair, to be the main focal point of the day. Simply by sweeping up the top layer of hair and twisting it into a braid, or securing it with a cute barrette, it allows you to lightly curl or feather the underneath of the hair. This look is also great if you want to look a little taller, by piling some hair on top of your head it will make you look taller.


Perhaps the hottest trend of 2017 is rainbow coloured hair. This is an amazing look for those who like to look a little bit different. By dying the underside of the hair whatever colour you choose, you can lift up and pin different sections of hair to reveal a pop of colour. Be it blonde on top and a mermaid pattern of colours underneath, or a dark brunette with a bright red, you can fully customise this look to suit you. It’s great for those planning a slightly alternative wedding, or for those who want to let their personality shine through.