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One of the most popular hair colouring techniques today, balayage comes from the French, to sweep. First appearing in the 1970’s in Paris, the technique was groundbreaking for the industry. Being far ahead of its time, balayage wouldn’t come to prominence until the 1990’s, as the 1980’s saw a wave of popularity in foil highlights. Balayage has now become a much sought-after look around the world for millions of women.

So what is balayage? The idea of the technique is to create a gradual colouring, recreating a sunkissed effect often found in children. More subtle than having a full colouring, the technique can give new dimensions to your hair, while retaining a natural and glossy look, as well as leaving no signs of demarcation. With many people finding the traditional foil highlights a thing of the past, balayage is becoming more and more popular with a wide variety of women. One of the reasons balayage has become so popular in recent times, is the fact that it takes very low maintenance to retain the look. Letting it grow out naturally, you don’t need to worry about regrowth lines, allowing you to wear the look for longer, which of course gives you more time between appointments. Protecting the colouring is also the same as you would with any other; heat protection while styling and using colour protecting shampoos and conditioners when washing is advised.

So who’s wearing it? The balayage technique has also become a favourite style for many models and other A-list celebrities; which has certainly helped with the popularising of the technique. From Emma Watson, Jennifer Lopez and Chrissy Teigen, to Rihanna, Miranda Kerr and Jennifer Lawrence, the style has made its way into the mainstream of popular culture, and with more and more people wanting to emulate their favourite celebrity look, the style has started to become popular all around the world, including the UK.

So how is it done? Balayage differs from many other styles of colouring, as it offers a far more bespoke look. The colourist will paint bleach or hair color freehanded, using soft brush strokes, allowing for more control over the ability to match the style to the client. Applied only to the surface of the section, the colourist won’t saturate the section. Doing this ensures that you do not have noticeable streaks, but a subtle and natural look.

Differing from the ombre technique, which means shadow, and which gives a seamless gradual look from darker to light, or sombre, which is a more subtle version of ombre. Balayage can work for almost anyone, by using the clients own hairstyle and natural hair growth pattern, the stylist can choose where to place the colouring, short or long hair, the technique can be made to work for you and offers you more choice and complete individuality.